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(02-09-2020, 07:18 PM)dewisant Wrote: I'm 57 and nearing retirement again. I have spent 36 years working on aircraft and have no interest in doing anything in that field ever again.

Why do you need one?  What do you want to do as a second career?
Non-Traditional Undergraduate College Credits (634 SH): *FTCC Noncourse Credits (156 SH) *DSST (78 SH) *CPL (64 SH) *JST Military/ACE (48 SH) *CBA (44 SH) *CLEP (42 SH) *FEMA IS (40 SH) *FEMA EM (38 SH) *ECE/UExcel (30 SH) *PLA Portfolio (28 SH) *EMI/ACE (19 SH) *TEEX/ACE (16 SH) *CWE (11 SH) *NFA/ACE (10 SH) *Kaplan/ACE (3 SH) *CPC (2 SH) *AICP/ACE (2 SH) *Sophia/ACE (2 SH) and *FRTI-UM/ACE (1 SH).
Non-Traditional Graduate College Credits (14 SH): AMU (6 SH); NFHS (5 SH); and JSU (3 SH).

Do you know what you're interested in? If so, you can start with taking Udemy courses in what interest you for FREE or take MOOC courses that are into the field of study you want to get into. There are many universities that offer these for non-credit, literally hundreds of courses to choose from.

If you are interested in getting something in higher education, you might want to take smaller steps such as a Nanodegree or a MicroMasters as long as it offers credits towards a potential masters. Or if you already know it's something that's already offered as a competency based masters, go for it...
In Progress: TESU BA Biology & Computer Science
Deferred: **Deciding on several Masters/PHD programs**

Done: TESU ASNSM Biology, ASBA/BSBA (ACBSP Accredited in 2017)
Universidad Isabel I: ENEB MBA, Big Data & BI, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
Business & IT Certs: Cisco, CompTIA, 6Sigma/Lean/Scrum, ITIL, MTA, etc
Coursera Google IT Certs & Udacity Nanodegrees

2019 BALS and BSBA Spreadsheet using mainly SL/ (post#28,31)
The Basic Approach | DegreeForum Community Supported Wiki
~Review: Beginners Guide sticky for info on TESU BALS/BSBA in 4 months (post #16)
~Note: Read Wiki guide links for TESU equivalency - CLEP/DSST/SL/, etc
All four of my parents (mine and my wife's) went to Big 10 schools, got free rides through college, all became teachers, all got free rides through their Masters degrees, and all retired as teachers. My parents went to Purdue, hers went to Michigan. Neither family provided a thin dime for college to our generation and I am the only one of three children that has a BA/BS and can do a Masters at this point. The bulk of my credits are Psychology, History, and Literature & Writing.
BA Liberal Arts in 2014 from Excelsior College.
Certificate in Writing in 2018 from University of Washington.

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