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Question about Applying at TESU
Hello all, I'm very new to this but my goal so far is getting a BSBA by doing as many CLEP tests and everything else i can for free/out of pocket then apply at TESU, hopefully transferring the majority of my credits for a BSBA. Am I understanding the process correctly? Is there a rush to apply at TESU or can I wait until I am almost done with all my credits? I'm just starting this journey so Any Help on this would be appreciated. This process I understand will take many months/years, I'm just curious if I can essentially work my butt off for awhile then apply and transfer credits then get my degree and I'm done. I feel like I'm not understanding something. Any Help on this would be appreciated thanks in advance!
In general, I always recommend that people apply to TESU sooner rather than later. Unlike the other two of the Big3, there are no large fees needed to maintain enrollment. Applying and enrolling give the advantages of locking in the catalog so that degree requirements can't change on you. It gives you access to advising, and you can get courses transferred in so that you aren't as vulnerable to changing policies like downgrading incoming courses and dropping providers. Several people lost the use of courses they took from Shmoop when TESU decided to stop accepting them last year. People who had those courses already transferred into TESU got to keep them.

The way it works is once you apply, you get limited access to advising, two "evaluations" (which means a batch of transcripts), and the catalog lock in. You then have a year to become enrolled. Once you take a course, you become enrolled which makes you an official student with full access to advising and the ability to send in as many transcripts as you like. The enrollment lasts for a year, during which time you either need to graduate, or take another course to extend the enrollment another year. The course can be a $75 TECEP. There are plenty of useful ones, and the price is comparable to other alternative credit sources.

There is an additional financial and time benefit to applying before July 2019. Starting July, they are retiring the 1cr $300 cornerstone in favor of a 3cr $1098 cornerstone course. Anyone who plans to go to TESU should really apply and take the old cornerstone ASAP. That will make you an enrolled student for a year and save you $700.

P.S. It is also very motivating to see your official academic evaluation fill up with your degree requirements. It helps bring home that you are really doing it, and will be getting your degree. Students get access to the NJ State Library and free access to MS Office. Also you get a student email account and ID so you can get student discounts on things.
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Apply now, lock in your catalog to future-proof yourself for a year.
Then knock those credits out.
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Thanks for the information guys! I'm going to sign up this week!

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