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Question about Writing Assignment 1 (TESU BALS Capstone--OL)
Starting my TESU Capstone (OL) tomorrow. Needless to say, getting excited/antsy/a bit nervous. Wondering, if you remember, if you can answer a few questions for me (which I'd appreciate.)

In regards to the Writing Assignment 1....

1) Will Professor further discuss it on first day of course opening (I assume not, because syllabus seems to be structured.)

2) How long must the first Writing Assignment be? Seems to be answering a lot of questions in depth. Do you have any examples of it, as I find each individual syllabus to be somewhat vague in course structure.

3) Do the narrowing down 3 questions come after Writing Assignment 1? 

***Seems to be full paper examples, but wish there were paper examples of each Writing Assignment. Any help to make this a tad bit easier would be very appreciated.

***Thinking about my paper topic being Why Homelessness Epidemic seems to be a bigger and reoccurring problem in Democratic governed states. Subquestions from that? Thoughts?

Thank You, BH
Since your original message was posted as a response to a BSBA capstone post, I moved it here to its own thread because it was off-topic there, and this will increase the chance of relevant responses. Smile
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Hi BH,
My LIB-495 ended June 23. In regard to your first question, I did not discuss it with my professor, the e-book provided was more than enough to complete the chapter. I was always one of the last in my group to turn in assignments, and I did pay attention to the comments the Professor would make in the discussion postings, she would clarify things even further based on what classmates had turned in. Mine was 7 pages long, some were shorter, some longer. I had a good page and half of glossary terms and definitions. If I remember correctly, my group had to have the main question and no less than 3 sub questions in order to write the first assignment. We were encouraged to keep the sub questions to only 3 or 4, as we would be doing original research. There was some back and forth with the Prof, as she coached me into optimizing my sub questions. Once they were set, it was off to the races.
Capstone LIB-495 April 2019
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