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Questions regarding WGU and other issues.
can you people PLEASE edit your replies
you can edit the quoted parts

I look at the above post (#20) and I can't even tell what the reply is
(05-24-2020, 11:17 PM)JSN7 Wrote: So from what I gather from what you've said, I may not get laughed out of an Ivy League masters program?

If your heart is set on UC Berkley as you've stated (or even Georgetown or GT OMSCS as a fallback for that matter), why does it matter what the Ivy Leagues think?

As far as Columbia, sounds like you already got your answer from them directly.
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I'm just going to start at WGU. Thankfully a few B&M schools said they would accept WGU credits. So I have a fall back plan, although I do like WGU. I always feel like a fall back plan is a good idea.

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