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Shmoop Excelsior Evaluations In
Okay, I got my BSBA (General Business) evaluations back from Excelsior, and they were a little more stingy about giving me credit than I would have liked.  (as opposed to COSC who was relatively more generous). I've requested an evaluation for BS in Liberal Arts without Concentration, and they replied they will re-evaluate and send that my way. When I receive it, I'll post the evaluations in this same thread.

Takeaways: I have Statistics and Geometry from Shmoop, and Business Statistics from StraighterLine, yet they indicate their math requirement is not met. 
Also of note, I have both Professional Communication and Business Communication through Shmoop - and as far as I can tell, they deemed them duplicate courses and won't even allow me free elective credit for the second course. Same thing with (non-business) Statistics. I would think they could at least be a free elective.

You can see on page 4 and 5 where all they slotted the shmoop courses they accepted toward degree requirements. 

 Here's the actual evaluation sheets (if they do not display in this forum correctly, let me know and I'll try to post the info differently):

[Image: Screen_Shot_2018-06-27_at_10.18.50_AM.png][Image: Screen_Shot_2018-06-27_at_10.18.58_AM.png][Image: Screen_Shot_2018-06-27_at_10.19.05_AM.png]
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