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I am hoping someone from Sophia will read this since they seem to lurk now and then.

I am taking the Art History course, and am really enjoying it aside from one huge problem.

You have entire sections which contain duplicate content of another section, when they are supposed to be on an entirely different topic. I sent in a help ticket to the learningcoach email 9 days ago but got no reply.

Unit 2 - Challenge 4: Romans and Eutruscans - Concept 6, "Recognizing Elements of Roman Architecture in Greek Temples" has duplicate content fro the previous section, Concept 5, which is about the invention of concrete. But the challenge question for that section *is* on the correct topic, which means I can't answer the challenge question because the curriculum for that topic is missing. 

The same problem exists for another chapter. 
In Unit 1, Challenge 4: Language of Art, sections 3 and 5 are identical in content. 

I really need to be able to read the correct content before I take any more milestones. It's very difficult to try to take challenge questions and milestone questions on content that doesn't exist.

Thank you for any help!  

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I can’t read today. Hope they fix it for you soon. Keep us updated.
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(09-06-2018, 12:58 AM)Tedium Wrote: I can’t read today. Hope they fix it for you soon. Keep us updated.

I hope they fix it too- that's on our schedule for Christmas break.
They replied back saying the course is supposed to be that way, that it's asking you to look at the same curriculum in a different context.

However, I can tell you, the questions they're asking aren't answered in the curriculum. If they were, I would not have sent in a help ticket.

So I emailed them again letting them know the questions need review by the curriculum team.

On another amusing note, in their section about the Pantheon, it says "not to be confused with the Parthenon" and then in 3 separate areas they talk about the Parthenon, when they mean the Pantheon. LOL.

But I am still loving the course.


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