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Straighterline -- and vs.
(09-07-2017, 06:32 PM)a2jc4life Wrote:
(09-07-2017, 06:23 PM)BingCherry Wrote: my opinion only...
I feel like would be better if you don't know the materials. Straighterline would be for stuff you already have some knowledge/experience in. That's just me.
Study is straightforward and bite sized and steady paced. Much easier digested and tested on an unknown topic.
Straighterline has two textbooks, and one is just an E book version of the big college course textbooks you'd buy for a brick and mortar classroom. Way too much stuff to cover to make it worthwhile to take if time and cost are important to you! (I really can't explain it well, but I'm trying!)

I think I get what you're saying.'s content is more streamlined?

Straighterline's MO is pretty much "here's some stuff, take the tests." does a much better job of "drilling" the material and you retain it a bit better. They cut everything into small chunks, then you practice with a 5 question quiz for that "chunk."

With Straighterline, I have typically done worse than I expected on finals, even with subjects I know fairly well. With I have done better than anticipated on the finals, even with material I didn't think I knew that well.
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  • a2jc4life
Sounds like it probably depends on lot on whether I want to really learn the material or only care about being able to pass the class.

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Liberty U: 36 cred finished

LU ICE exam:
4 cred
Christopher Newport U:
2 cred
Amer. Coll. of Healthcare Sciences: 52 cred (+14 non-transferable) Pers Fin, Amer Gov
Shmoop: Bible as Lit, Lit in Media
SL: Bus. Ethics, IT Fundamentals, Intro to Religion, Intro to Comm, Intro to Sociology, Surv of World History, Engl Comp I&II

TECEP: Intro to Critical Reasoning (didn't transfer)
ALEKS: Intro Stats
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(09-13-2017, 09:19 AM)a2jc4life Wrote: Sounds like it probably depends on lot on whether I want to really learn the material or only care about being able to pass the class.

It also depends on what your learning style is.  Each has it's pros and cons, but a lot depends on the person.
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  • a2jc4life
IMHO, it depends on your learning style, AND your own personal interest in learning the material for yourself vs. just passing the exams. I've learned a TON from SL classes; they're what gave me a strong foundation in business concepts. I used to take my time; go over the lessons, read the textbook, take notes, etc. Now I just take the exams and look up answers in the book as I go. Same types of courses; different approaches. One takes more time, one takes less, both get you the pass.

For SC, I feel like I get the same out of the course regardless of if I'm "trying" or not, BUT I've only been doing them in my "speed" mindset so I can't say for sure if I would get more out of it slowing down. Maybe if I took the practice chapter exams more? I dunno.

But, like most things in life, you get what you *want* out of courses. If you want to learn, you'll learn. If you don't care as much, then you're probably not going to gain as much.
My journey to TESU BSBA-GM
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Liberty University MOOC (3cr): US Hist (39cr): American Government, Environmental Science, Sociology, Psychology, Labor Relations, Marketing with Electronic Media, Principles of Finance, Business Communications, HR Management, Civil War/Reconstruction, History of Vietnam War, Personal Finance, Introduction to Marketing
Straighterline (39cr): Western Civ II, Financial Accounting, Cultural Anthropology, AmHist I, AmHist II, Intro to Religion, Business Statistics, Principles of Management, English II, Business Law, Intro to Comm, Org. Behavior, Macroeconomics
ALEKS (3cr): College Algebra
TEEX (2cr): Cyber Security for Business Professionals
TESU (3cr): Strategic Management TECEP
UExcel (3cr): English 101
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  • a2jc4life
(09-13-2017, 09:19 AM)a2jc4life Wrote: Sounds like it probably depends on lot on whether I want to really learn the material or only care about being able to pass the class.

It mostly depends on the learning style. I'm an independent learner and do not want to be spoon fed info through cheap, elementary school videos. I didn't learn anything from because I couldn't even get through the course.

I agree with the post above. It also depends on how much you want to learn. If you take the time to read the book, then you'll learn while completing an SL course. There are a couple of people here who have found a way to speed through courses without watching the videos or reading the transcripts in most cases.
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Int Alg, Coll Alg
4 credits
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Sys Analysis & Design, Programming, Cyber
Intro to Comm, Microbio, Acc I
Macro, Intro to Fin, Man Acc
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I'm not sure if anyone can answer this for me, but it seems like everyone talks about how easy straighterline is because of the open book tests but I'm curious if it's only "easier" because people are looking up the answers on google. My daughter tried taking US History both with study and straighterline and she had a really hard time finding answers in the e-textbook. She didn't feel like the questions on the mid-term or final matched the lecture/slides or questions in the lectures. Thanks!

Q: What materials can I use during an exam?
A: It depends on the exam. For exams except the final exam, unauthorized materials or aids are not permitted though you may use the following reference materials:

  • The book(s) or other assigned reading materials listed in the course syllabus

  • One (1) sheet of 8 ½ X 11 paper (front and back) of prepared notes

  • Blank scratch paper

  • A pen or pencil

  • A calculator (for math and science courses requiring calculations only, please note what type of calculator [graphing vs. scientific] is permitted for your specific exam)
Use of the following resources, services, and aids during exams is strictly prohibited by the StraighterLine Student Handbook:

  • Additional texts or reference materials not listed within the course syllabus

  • Search engines (,, Yahoo Answers, etc.)

  • Question and answer sites

  • Study sites

  • Tutoring

  • Forums

  • Chat applications

  • Landline or cellular phones
By submitting your answers for a graded exam, you confirm that the work is your own and that you're taking the exam in accordance with the StraighterLine Academic Honesty Policy.

Hello Community,

Since the majority of the community is taking (SDC) courses, I thought I would share my own story. I have just experienced a new SDC policy change, which is directly affecting credits/exams.

I created a new thread with the details.
#18's app is reason enough to take everything through, imo

You will get so much more done when you can study anywhere vs only at your desk or whatever. - 147 CR. TESU - 27 CR. Middle Georgia State University - 15 CR. COSC - 6 CR. Excelsior - 6 CR. CLEP - 6 CR. Sophia - 11 CR. TEEX - 2 CR. Shmoop - 18 CR. NFA - 4 CR. The Institutes - 2 CR. FEMA - 20ish

BA in History/English from TESU
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#19 has too many quizzes compared with StraighterLine. Definitely, SDC will take more time to complete.
StraighterLine : 
Accounting I & II, American Government, Business Statistics, Cultural Anthropology, Calculus I, Physics I, IT Fundamentals, Intro to Comm, Intro to Religion, Macro 
& Microeconomics, Prin of MGMT

302: SAD, 307: Software Eng, 104: College Composition l & II, 303: MIS, 311: Project Management, 105: Operating Systems, 107: DB Fundamentals, 204: DB Prog, 303: DB MGMT

TEEX:  Cyber Ethics, Cyber Law

The Institutes: Ethics

CSM: The CSM Course

Does Excelsior College have a deal with to where I can complete a course and gain credit instead of taking a Uexcel for example? I'm studying for my fifth Uexcel (World Conflicts since 1900), and using as one of my sources to take the Uexcel. It's my last test before I graduate! (Except for Capstone).

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