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I'm trying to complete my "FIN-301 Principles of Finance" credit at TESU.  It looks like the "Principles of Finance" DSST will be accepted.

My question is, is there a course that maps to the DSST test content? has courses "Finance 101: Principles of Finance" and "UExcel Principles of Finance", but not a course specific to the DSST.  I'm wondering if either of these courses cover the right material, or if there might be a different course that covers it.
Instantcert has material for the dsst.
Personally I would recommend just doing the prin. Of finance course
TESU March 2020 Graduation
ASNSM Mathematics
BSBA Accounting 
BA Computer Science

I started this journey in the summer of 2016.  I hoped to be done sooner, but I am still proud of the rate at which I have gotten my schooling done with respect to the many months of military training and deployments I have undergone.  


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