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Hie all,

Have you ever encountered any curve ball or surprise questions in the math final exams (any algebra, calculus etc)?

Kind regards

(10-20-2019, 10:33 AM)Tincer Wrote: Hie all,

Have you ever encountered any curve ball or surprise questions in the math final exams (any algebra, calculus etc)?

Kind regards


There won't be any surprises. One time, I did have a typo which prevented me from picking the right answer, but they probably fixed that.
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I took's stats course, and it was the one that I finally passed after trying multiple other course providers - not because it wasn't thorough, but because it was laid out in a way that I understood it better.

So no, I didn't come across any surprises. Except that I was pleasantly surprised that I passed!
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A bit off topic, but what do you think about their (SDC)anatomy and physiology? I wondered if it was the format that made it easier for ppl to understand the material. I think it’s the closest to Sophia, in terms of a clean and appealing user interface. I also like that they break things down into many small pieces, which studies show is how ppl learn best. I’m just wondering how it stacks up in terms of content compared to SL.

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