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Right now I have a parent/teacher account because I was using to study for DSST's that it turns out I no longer need. 

I can access all the college credit courses, they just don't count for credit. I was thinking about taking a few to maximize how many I can complete in a couple months time. After I get a few learned, I thought I would upgrade my membership so that I could maybe finish everything I need for in just a couple months. 

Will I still be able to take those classes for college credit if I've already taken them with a parent/teacher account? Anyone do this before?
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I have never used a Parent/Teacher account before, mine has always been the student account. Does your account allow you to do all the quizzes or is it an administrative account that sets up quiz/course material for students?

If it does allow you to do the quizzes, I don't see why it wouldn't allow you to "upgrade" to the College Accelerator option and get two exams/month for the membership.

If it's anything like the ALEKS system, the parent account doesn't actually "do the assignments/quizzes or assessments", the student account does the quizzes and the parent account just keeps track of the progress and requests assessments, etc...
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You need to contact and tell them that your account should be a student account; if it is indeed a parent/teacher level account.   They offer the $59 plan (that includes quizzes not exams); which sounds like what you've been describing.  A parent/teacher account sounds like it would have a 'student' under it, maybe you're both - as a parent/teacher would have no reason to actually take the courses.  When you go from the student $59 to the college $199 plan all completed coursework moves forward with it.
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Any update on what happened for you? I’m a homeschool mom and was thinking about setting up a teacher account, studying for DSSTs and using the student accounts for my teens. I literally don’t know if this would work (or if I should set up a sub-account for myself as a student too?).

Any reason that may be pertinent why you decided not to do the DSST studies? From what I can see, it looks like it would be a good idea in my situation to do my account setup in this way, but if their DSST prep isn’t great or something, I’d like to know.

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