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TECEP 6x Courses or Pay Waiver Fee?
Which do you think is the better option between trying to test out of six courses through TECEP in order to waive the Residency Waiver, or would I be better off paying the waiver and taking the courses elsewhere?
You can't do TECEP to avoid the wavier unless you are military.

As for as doing TESU classes.

Some reasons to do 16 credits at TESU:
-Some of your major contain classes that aren't found cheaply.
-You get tuition assistance, financial aid, scholarships, etc. (this aid and workplaces usually won't cover the waiver fee)
-You need the graded credit for a job or grad school.
-You can handle taking 16 credits in one term and want to just get it over with in one term. (remember TESU terms are shorter so 16 credits is a lot!)
-You are military (in that case do TECEPs)
-You are already close to 16 credits at TESU

If you don't fall into at least one of those reasons then just pay the wavier and take 6 credits at TESU.
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Hey Jacob, I'll be replying to your PM in a few minutes. Actually, i'll just update the thread you created for that, but first, let me answer you this. Are you in the military? If yes, then hell-yeah, it's so much cheaper! If not, taking 6 TECEPS is the same as taking 6 courses elsewhere for a more expensive price, skip those TECEPs.

If you're a civilian, you have two options, take the Cornerstone/Capstone and transfer everything in, then pay the fees including the residency waiver. The other option is to take five 3 credit courses and one 1 credit course, once you hit 16 credits for residency, you don't have to pay the residency waiver fee.
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Flat rate is 4928 (unless you live in NJ then it is lower) which covers 10 - 16 credits in one term.
Cost of 6 credits plus waiver is 4974. (assuming sdc discount)

So if you can do 16 credits in one term it is about the same cost as doing 6 credits plus the fee. If you live in NJ and can handle a lot of credits than it would for sure be cheaper to do the flatrate vs paying the fee.

Also as far as finances go COSC and WGU are cheaper options now.
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Thank you all for the responses! I will definitely not be taking the TECEPs Smile

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