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TESC question
Can anyone direct me to the DANTES credit card payment form that is to be utilized when registering to take one of these exams at their test site?

Go to this site and click the "DSST Practice Exam" link. That will take you to the sign-in form. It's the same form for real DSST exams and practice exams, but (and yes, this is a little strange) you have to have two separate accounts for real exams and practice exams. It's probably not a bad idea to pre-register before you go to take your first exam, but it's not strictly necessary -- you can do everything on-site. You will need your credit card each time in any case, as it is not stored on the site. If you don't pre-register, make sure you do look up the four-digit code for the college you want your scores submitted to.

Thanks for that info, but I'm not entirely sure that is what I was looking for. To be more specific (sorry!), TESC emailed me a DSST registration form and I need to mail that completed form back with payment. I have to pay by money order (pain in the neck to go get one) or by credit card. If I want to pay by CC, it says to complete the "DSST credit card payment form".

So, I'm searching around for that form and while I did register on the link that you gave me, it looks like I might have to pay for the test right there online, or am I mistaken?

I'm not sure I follow you. Are you planning to take one or more DSST exams? If so, and if you go to an Internet-Based Testing center, then you will pay by credit card on site when you take the exam. I'm not sure how it works for paper-and-pencil exams, as I have never done DSST that way. I don't get why TESC wants a DSST form from you, unless it's about sending a transcript for exams you have already taken.

At this time, I'm just taking one DSST. I wonder if they want the hardy copy forms because they only offer DSST's as pencil and paper exams? I bet that might be why...
Are you physically going to the TESC campus to take your DSST exam?

Yes, I am. I need to register for a 2/22 exam by 2/1.
You might consider choosing a different (perhaps less restrictive) testing center. Mercer County Community College, also in Trenton, seems to offer the Internet-Based DSST tests. You can still have your results sent to TESC, of course.

I did notice that as well. I am going to call them tomorrow and get the details from them, because I believe they were closed today due to the holiday. I would actually prefer the internet based test site because I don't really want to wait 4 weeks to get my grade!

Thanks for your input Wink

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