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TESU 2nd Degree Policy Dual AOS?
So... you're preparing for a double major within a second degree. It's better being safe than sorry to think that you will need at minimum 24 credits for each major... "Because" - Each degree has specific requirements, essentially, tread with caution! The rules in play depend on the degree requirements for each major, some majors will have more pre-req's or concurrent studies. For the 2nd degree in a BSBA, the professional requirements & each AOS has to be met, and for the BA double major, each requirement has to be met. At minimum would be 24 extra credits beyond the first degree for each major.

Let's pretend you finished an AACSB BSBA from a local state university because it was paid for by your employer but you're looking at something that interests you such as a double major in English/History for the BA. English and History will not have any overlapping courses, you will need 24 credits minimum for the English requirement and another 24 for the History requirement, if you count the shared capstone, then it would be 21 each. All in all, it's the major that determines the requirement.

Let's also pretend that you already have one of these majors completed before OR after your conferral and you have not used them towards the previous degree. Those count towards this requirement, so that one major is done. If that is the case, you only need to complete the requirements of the second major. Essentially, it will range from 24-48 depending on major and overlapping courses. If it was something like Biology & Environmental sciences, if there are some courses you take that overlap such as "Applied Biology", "Environmental Biology" or "Ecology", something usable in the second AOS, the most re-usable would be 9 credits.
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I was considering doing something like this as well. I'm planning on getting a Masters after my BSBA, but, I also have lots of unused community college/ACE credit in various subjects from when I switched majors several times. Some of them are in subjects I would love to learn more about, but from what I have researched, it would be much more expensive and time-consuming to get a Masters in those subjects. Especially since the competency-based programs are somewhat limited in terms of major choices. But if I can use my previous credits plus other new alternative credits, like from or something, it would be a lot cheaper and faster to just get another BA or BS in those subjects. But I haven't decided either, and I won't seriously consider it until I'm done with my BSBA/MS.
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Left to Take: InstantCert/Sophia: College Algebra


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