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TESU Catalog Update?
Hi everyone!

I didn't get to lock into the current catalog with a TECEP (found out about it yesterday). Does anyone know when the July 1st catalog will be posted so I can see how it will affect my plan? 

Currently planning to obtain a BA in Psychology and ASNSM in Biology. Planning to graduate in December to apply to MENP's in Jan. I have 84.33 credits (only 3 via .com org) currently My Degree plan is listed below:

Intellectual and Practical Skills
English 101 - RA
English 102 - RA
Public Speaking - debating if I should take at NMJC (failed from incomplete because I forgot to submit my last two speeches after having a baby  Angry and I'm scared it'll be important to some Master's programs)
Pre-calculus - In progress ASU EA 
Critical Information Literacy - Planned TESU

Civic and Global Learning
Intro. to Sociology - RA 
Ethics in the Social Sciences - Planned
American Government - Straighterline

Knowledge of Human Cultures
Elementary Spanish I - RA
Macroeconomics - Planned ASU EA 
Intro. to Criminal Justice - In Progress Straighterline
Western Civilization - Planned ASU EA

Understanding the Physical and Natural World
Anatomy & Physiology I - RA

General Education Electives
Anything leftover (I have plenty that can go toward this, including the science courses I'm taking for nursing pre-reqs listed below)

Area of Study: Psychology
Intro. to Psychology - RA
Research in Experimental Psychology - Planned Coopersmith

Social Psychology - RA LL
History and Systems of Psychology - Planned
Physiological Psychology - Planned Coopersmith
Developmental Psychology - RA
Abnormal Psychology - RA
Statistics - Planned TESU
Ethics in the Social Sciences - (can this be counted here and above?)

Liberal Arts Capstone - Planned TESU

Psychology Electives* 
Educational Psychology - RA
Child Psychology - RA 

Plenty of courses to apply this as well.

Almost forgot to add...
Nursing Pre-Reqs:
Anatomy & Physiology I - (re-take) local CC
Anatomy & Physiology II - (re-take) local CC
Biology I (re-take) - local CC
Microbiology - Portage Learning/Geneva College
Chemistry I - local CC
Nutrition - Planning Purdue (free course, waiting for more information)
I'm in a similar boat and am also interested in an answer. Hoping that TESU doesn't take the same route as COSC.
Curious why not able to lock in.
It's only June. Why can't you lock in this catalog? Just curious.

BS Organizational Leadership - CSU Global - in progress  - may be transferring to WGU into the BS Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing

AAS Business Administration - local community college
AS Individual Studies - local community college

Sophia: Environmental Science, Developing Effective Teams, The Essentials of Managing Conflict, College Algebra (in progress)

Planning on using SL and SDC in the future
From what I saw, to lock in I'd have to take a TECEP in June, but the earliest registration option is for July which is after the change takes effect as far as I know!
I don't think it's too late. Submit your degree plan and get permission for your courses now. I don't think they can change your degree requirements after your degree plan has been approved.
Intro to Marketing and Strategy ($9) | Intro to Microeconomics ($9)

Intro to Managerial Accounting ($70) | Advanced Accounting ($70) | Managerial Accounting ($80) | Intermediate Accounting 2 ($90) | Intermediate Accounting I ($90) | Cybersecurity Policies & Management ($80) | Management Information Systems ($80) | Data Structures & Algorithms ($80) | Intro to Programming ($70) | Computer Architecture ($70) | Calculus ($80) Database Management ($80)
Systems Analysis & Design ($70) | Discrete Math ($80) | Intro to Operation Systems ($80)
Intro to Computer Science I ($25)
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  • Erikabol
(06-02-2020, 10:58 PM)Erikabol Wrote: From what I saw, to lock in I'd have to take a TECEP in June, but the earliest registration option is for July which is after the change takes effect as far as I know!
I don't think so. I thought as long as you are a REGISTERED ENTROLLED STUDENT by july 1st I think you'd be good on the old catalog. Even if it starts after.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong though.

So july tecep would be fine as long as you register by july 1
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  • Erikabol
I'll try to get this done tomorrow then, and see if I can lock in! I just got started so I wouldn't be too beat up if things changed.
I believe the end of May was the deadline for June registration...
Goal: Anything. Just need the paper. 
[Sophia]: Sociology, Ethics Project Management, Human Bio, US Hist2, Intro to Business, In Progress: Microeconomics, [SL]: Bus Law [ALEKS]: Intermediate Algebra [Institutes]: Ethics
[CLEP]: Western Civ I
[Murrray State University]: 5CR: MAT130 MAT230 4CR: GSC199 ENG105 CHE101 ITD107 PHY130/131 3CR: COM161 MAT117 ART121 HIS221 PSY180 CHN101 RGS200 CSC199 CET284 ECO230 JPN350 RES132 THD104 1CR: IDC199 MSU099

(06-04-2020, 12:17 AM)Erikabol Wrote: I'll try to get this done tomorrow then, and see if I can lock in! I just got started so I wouldn't be too beat up if things changed.

Can we appeal if it does not work. Same boat. But they did say here that as long as we pay and be enrolled we’re good...

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