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TESU Info Session - Free Application code if you can get it
I live near the campus so I've done this for my own app and with friends who also attend (regular classes, those FOOELS:reddevilSmile LOL, anyway,

If anyone is near the area of any of the TESU info sessions: they allow you to use the computer lab to apply online and give you a code to enter that waives the app fee. Plus they serve refreshments!

The code isn't specific to you or anything, its usually just "abbreviated month-two digit year" or something simple like that but I figure if anyone obtains it from attending they can post and share for those that might be ready to apply but may not have the means. Or you're a crazycouponlady like myself and prefer not to spend money on things I can get for freeeeeee via rumors and conjecture.

When the next one comes around on campus I'll swing through and post it - cant make this one, I have studying to do.

This also happens on "Campus Day" (if anyone cares to watch the site homepage for updates)

6:00 PM

Monday, April 03, 2017

15 MacArthur Boulevard, Westmont, NJ


Please join us for an Information Session at Camden County Library, William G. Rohrer Memorial Library, where you will learn about the opportunities to earn or complete a degree with Thomas Edison State University. You will have the opportunity to speak with University staff and learn about the admissions process, as well as information on academic advising and financial aid. You can register by simply logging into your account or creating one. The library is located at 15 MacArthur Boulevard, Westmont, NJ We look forward to seeing you!
TESU Commencement - Saturday, September 23, 2017!

Goal: TESU, BSBA General Management by September 2017
68/120 credits completed
In Progress This Month
Prin of Mgmt, Org Behavior, Bus Law, Prin of Fin (DSST)

November 2016
TESU Info Session (waived app fee + free breakfast)
Previous B&M - 45 cr. transferred
March 2017
Aleks - Intermediate Alg, College Alg, Intro to Stats
Institutes - Ethics
Guardian Scholarship Awarded 3/23/17
April 2017 - Personal Finance, Digital Marketing & Advertising
May 2017
World Religions, Pr. of Marketing

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