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TESU Liberal Studies with Concentration Class Options
I am a Liberal Arts major. I am looking at pursuing the Social Science concentration. 

I looked at what they say you can take under the Social Science list under the Knowledge of the Human Cultures. They list 4 Upper Level History courses. I was interested in taking some of the Upper Level courses on which are not listed but I see are transferable to TESU. 

Does anybody know if TESU will accept other classes to fulfill the Upper Level Credits for the Social Science Concentration or only the ones they have listed? I will contact an advisor at some point, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this?

Thank-you in advance!
TESU only lists courses that THEY offer. But as long as you take courses in that area, you're fine. You can do a BALS in SocSci easily.
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(09-17-2018, 11:14 AM)dfrecore Wrote: TESU only lists courses that THEY offer.  But as long as you take courses in that area, you're fine.  You can do a BALS in SocSci easily.

 Yay! Thank-you for your response! I appreciate it!

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