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TESU SDC discounted amount?
It took a few tries but my profile has finally been updated to reflect my affiliate membership from

I was reviewing the TESU website and it looks like it hasn't been updated in awhile and there are a few possibilities as to what the discounted amount should be.
The main page for SDC says 
"Are there any special tuition discounts at Thomas Edison State University that I am eligible for?
Yes. students can save on TESU tuition in the following ways:
  • Tuition reduction on in-state pricing for both Per-Credit ($366/credit) and Comprehensive Tuition Plans
  • In-state pricing for the Residency Fee Waiver ($2,200)"
If you navigate from that page to costs and tuition 
"2018-2019 Per Credit Tuition Students                $375 per credit registered"

Compared to the per credit for NJ state tuition of $396/cr.

In your experience, what has been the cost of per credit tuition with the SDC discount?
It was $366 for me when I registered just a few days ago.
Link to all credits earned: Link
I believe they are in the process of moving to the $375/cr tuition but from what we've seen, that hasn't happened yet so current tuition is still $366/cr or $1,098 per 3-credit course. That or the $375 rate is a typo and nobody has noticed it, but the former is more likely.

If the pricing is changing it suggests that the overall tuition price is about to go up. Traditionally, the SDC discount is a % off the in-state tuition price. However, pricing changes are usually not announced until early summer (around July) when the TESU catalog officially moves to the next year. If this is an upcoming change, I find it odd that it is listed on the site ahead of the official tuition change.

Alternatively, this could indicate that they are reducing the % discount off the tuition price, but that also seems unusual since the discounts are typically locked in for at least a year and only change in conjunction with the renewal of the articulation agreement, which also kicks in around the same time as the catalog change.

Either way it is confusing.
Working On: MBA in IT Management @ WGU (April term)
Up Next: Considering GA Tech OMSCS or a Ph.D.

BSBA in Computer Information Systems, 2019, Thomas Edison State University
ASNSM in Computer Science, 2019, Thomas Edison State University

B&M CC: 8.68cr, TESU: 3cr, CLEP/DSST: 15cr, 57cr, Straighterline: 19cr, ALEKS: 9cr, TEEX: 6cr, The Institutes: 2cr, Sophia: 2cr
(121.68 credits total. 95 credits earned in 10 months, with 45 of those earned in ~3 months)
I get why the school wants us to refer to the website for answers. I don't get why it seems like there are numerous discrepancies (not just in this instance) and even something simple like adding a published date could in theory make things more clear. Very confusing indeed. I'm glad that, at least for now, the discounted SDC per credit price is the lower stated price. Here is hoping it doesn't change for a few months.

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