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TESU - current status "Applicant" - how to change to "Enrolled?"
I registered for a TECEP - if I take the exam, will I automatically become enrolled?

Should I wait to take the TECEP until after I get my official evaluation?

Thank you!  Smile
(09-07-2018, 06:12 PM)Kelly Green Wrote: I registered for a TECEP - if I take the exam, will I automatically become enrolled?

Should I wait to take the TECEP until after I get my official evaluation?

Thank you!  Smile

Once your application is accepted at TESU, you become applied for one year. If you register for any course (including a TECEP) within that year you will become officially enrolled under the Per Credit Tuition Plan as of 10 days after the start of classes for that Semester.

Alternatively, you can become enrolled by selecting the Comprehensive Tuition Plan or getting approved at TESU for Federal Financial Aid (which implies the Comprehensive Tuition Plan I assume).

As for waiting, that is up to you. On the Per Credit Tuition Plan you need to take at least one course (or TECEP) every year to remain enrolled. Some people wait until they're close to graduating to make sure they don't run into issues. Other people enroll right away so they can take advantage of advising services and more than two free transcript evaluations.
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I registered for a TECEP for the September term. I have not taken the test yet and it shows me as enrolled on 9/5. I think you change from an applicant to enrolled 10 days after the term start date. If you are signed up for the October term, you won't be able to take the test until the term starts.
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Thank you, Merlin and Mudball!

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