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The official guide to courses from the Big Three: COSC, TESU, & Excelsior
Provider: Excelsior
Course: Uexcel World Conflicts Since 1900
Instructor: NA
Course content: there's a study guide on or another one on the Excelsior site
Final exam format: 113 Multiple Choice Questions
Final exam content vs course content/practice exams: I didn't think it lined up that well. See below
Time taken on course: I spent about 3 days brushing up on my knowledge of 20th century conflicts, which was already pretty good because of other History courses I've taken
Familiarity with subject before course: I've taken US History 2, the LL and UL Vietnam War courses, etc.
Pitfalls, high points, things others should know: I found the exam to focus very very heavily on the theory of international relations as opposed to facts about the 20th century's armed conflicts. In fact I would go so far as to say that this is more of a political course than a history course. Your mileage may vary but my final had 1 question about Vietnam, 2-3 on Korea, maybe 3 on WW2, maybe 3 on WW1, etc. Probably had 6 on Sierra Leone. Had at least a dozen on bipolar vs multipolar international models plus another dozen on realist vs liberalism conceptual models of international relations. Lots of questions about the 90's conflict in Yugoslavia. Lots of questions about NGO's and the role of the UN. So just bear in mind when you study for this that you need to lean real heavy on those areas.
1-10 Difficulty level: 5ish. If I had gone into this cold I would have known all the questions on WW1, all the questions on WW2, all the questions on Vietnam, all the questions on Korea, and all the questions on the Cold War, and I would have probably still failed it. Me brushing up on the international theory and Yugoslavia is what made the difference between the A that I got and an F. - 129 CR. TESU - 27 CR. Middle Georgia State University - 15 CR. COSC - 6 CR. Excelsior - 6 CR. CLEP - 6 CR. Sophia - 2 CR. TEEX - 2 CR. Shmoop - 18 CR. NFA - 4 CR. The Institutes - 2 CR. FEMA - 20ish

BA in History/English from TESU
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I need 15 UL courses to finish my BA in Liberal Arts, and Capstone. I'm close for Criminal Justice, as well but this would be quicker. 
Are there any courses on SL or that would fill the upper courses needed? Also, are there any course that I could test out of with TESU? I was looking at Abnormal Psychology, Marketing Communications MAN 373, Mar-321. I just want the fastest route. Thanks for any advise you can provide.
#13 has a ton of UL courses. Straighterline has very few, maybe 2.

If you want to test out of courses with TESU, you can take the Tecep tests. Some of them are UL. I took a couple and reviewed them here. Also the Uexcel tests from Excelsior are similar and some are UL, but with the Uexcel you have to go to a testing center and the Teceps let you test at home if you want, so I prefer those. TESU won't let you take more than 15 credits in a term so there's a limit there, not sure if there is one for Uexcels.

It's personal preference but if you have a webcam at home I would bet you could do 5 UL courses on in a month and transfer them over without any problem. Or you could do a mix of all three. It's just up to you and what you feel confident in. - 129 CR. TESU - 27 CR. Middle Georgia State University - 15 CR. COSC - 6 CR. Excelsior - 6 CR. CLEP - 6 CR. Sophia - 2 CR. TEEX - 2 CR. Shmoop - 18 CR. NFA - 4 CR. The Institutes - 2 CR. FEMA - 20ish

BA in History/English from TESU
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