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UExcel Business Information Systems TESC Equivalency
Any chance the lower-level UExcel Business Information Systems would transfer as UL credits to TESC? Or be equivalent to TESC's Management Information Systems? I checked with an academic advisor, but they do not have it listed in their database yet. Considering inquiring from the Registrar or requesting that the credits be planned in.

UExcel Business Info Sys:

TESC MIS: syllabus_CIS-301-jan12
Not sure. this is a newer exam.

Have you looked into the DSST MIS exam? IC has flash cards for it. I thought it was easy.



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After reading the two, it sounds like it'll depend on how they compare. If by description, they seem to overlap. But learning outcomes and modules of the test seem quite different. If you do ask the registrar, I'd like to know what they come back with.

Also, I'd have to second the DSST. It wasn't too difficult, and shouldn't require too much studying.
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AMU: Public Speaking, History of Explosive Ordnance Disposal, College Algebra

ALS (CCAF): Leadership/Management I, Managerial Communication I, Military Studies I

Sophia: Microeconomics

Straighterline: Accounting I/II

TECEP: English Comp I/II, Computer Concepts & Applications, Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics, Strategic Management (March 2017 Semester)

TESU OL: Python Programming (March 2017 Semester), Systems Analysis & Design I (March 2017 Semester)
I think I'm gonna give this a shot and check it out with TESC again. Unfortunately, there aren't any DSST centers near where I live so that option's out for me. Otherwise it'd have provided an easy 3 UL credits. Big Grin
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