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Ultra Low Cost College Degree Video
Keep in mind they are in the process of becoming RA with WASC. No guarantee they will obtain that accreditation, but they're in the process.

No experience of my own with them, but based on what folks have said here and elsewhere on the form, I wouldn't be too interested if their model stays as is.
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I am pursuing the M.Ed in Advanced Teaching at UotP. I, like many others on here, was drawn to the whole concept of the university. Some of the good things about the program (in my opinion)
- Low cost
- It is in partnership with the IBO, so I would be eligible to teach at one of their schools
- I am getting some GREAT perspectives from all over the world
- They are pursuing regional accreditation, so thats good.

Some things that I have issues with:
- The over-reliance on peer assessment. While discussion boards are very useful, and peer grading is a great way to develop skills and see different perspectives, I do not like it as the main method of grading. I am in a master's program to learn from an expert in their field, not other students.
- Only half of the program seems to be available. I have taken all of the classes that are live, but they are only about half of the ones required for the program. No one has an answer for me about moving forward.
- The lack of flexibility. I was in the hospital at one point during my studies for swine flu and I had to accept 0s for a weeks worth of assignments.
- There is no phone number to call to speak with the "advisor" or literally anyone. That is a MAJOR problem for me.

Overall, its a cool concept. I have learned stuff. I went into this with an M.Ed and some other grad coursework, so I took a chance on this program. I didn't have anything to loose, so.. I also wish the name of the school was different; University of the People sounds a little ridiculous. If you are looking to take classes just to learn, then you can't go wrong. Just know what your in for.
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I wonder how the programs are for people overseas. Many countries do not have education systems like the US. I could see this model being an incredible asset to many of the nations who are still using caste systems and have a great deal of poverty.

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(05-22-2020, 10:48 AM)ss20ts Wrote: I wonder how the programs are for people overseas. Many countries do not have education systems like the US. I could see this model being an incredible asset to many of the nations who are still using caste systems and have a great deal of poverty.

Agreed. I believe Shai Reshef, its founder, has been pretty straightforward that while all are welcome, the University of the People is meant for people in lower income countries, not those in wealthier countries.
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