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WGU vs Georgia Tech
I recently graduated from Capella University is a BA in Information Assurance & Security and I am looking to start a grad program somewhere in Cyber Security. Capella was an ok experience, but I am curious about WGU and Georgia Tech, specifically in the Online Master of Science in Cybersecurity. There seems to be a lot if interest in the new GT program and I was surprised to see that it was only $10K. It looks like it is self-paced like WGU and it seems to be a highly regarded school. What are the pros/cons for each school?
Georgia Tech is not self-paced
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Georgia Tech gives you a football team to root for. WGU doesn't.
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Original poster - How much did you spend for the Capella degree?  I usually don't recommend for-profits for undergrad.  If for graduate studies such as a doctorate and if I can't get the degree entirely online, then I would recommend them.  Anyways, If you can get into Georgia Tech, go for that first, if not, then go for the NAU or WGU competency based masters.  Both NAU/WGU are competency based and you can "work at your own pace", but you should try and finish it in a term or two at most.  Pricing is about the same for a term, roughly $3500 to $4K

NAU MCIT has 4 emphasis, one of them is Info Security & Assurance
Masters Link:
WGU has a few IT based masters as well, some geared towards Business
Masters Link:
Their MS Cybersecurity & Info Assurance is a recommended program as well
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Georgia tech is not self paced, however it has an excellent reputation. If you need a tick the box master, as fast as possible go wgu. If you can afford the time, if you don’t have a lot of experience,Georgia tech will get you so much further.

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I'll confirm it's not self-paced at GT.

I did one of my undergrads at WGU, and I loved it.

I'm in my first semester in the MS in Cybersecurity at Georgia Tech. It is definitely a different experience, and not just because it's a grad program.

GT is much more of a challenge and pushing you to learn. A lot of that learning is done on your own and is not spoon fed to you... that was true at WGU, but not to this extent. The GT reputation is much better than WGU as well. It's not comparable.

But GT will take you longer. It is also a much more technical program. They expect you to have quite a very technical background and already understand a lot othese concepts at a high level.

If your comfortable in the field and don't need the masters ASAP, i'd recommend GT. If you just need quick, WGU was a good experience at the undergrad level and I still think you'd enjoy their program as well.
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I'm planning on getting a masters from each school. The MS-ITM from WGU just to get a quick masters on my resume, then the GT program to get some prestige.
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You are comparing apples to oranges. They are such different schools, it would be impossible to compare. It's like saying should I go to my local CC and then my local state school to get my engineering degree, or MIT?

BTW - there are different reasons to choose each one, but you just can't compare them.
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