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What does the College Algebra test look like on the screen?
Can you easily mark questions to go back to? Is it then easy to see that and go back to them? Is there somewhere online where you can see what the screen will look like?

Thank you
What test are you taking?
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Is this for aleks?

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(12-29-2018, 02:19 PM)matermultorum Wrote: Can you easily mark questions to go back to? Is it then easy to see that and go back to them? Is there somewhere online where you can see what the screen will look like?

Thank you

It's a good idea to mention that you're taking the CLEP for College Algebra, otherwise people who are wanting to help you don't know if you're taking College Algebra from ALEKS or another ACE/NCCRS provider. I've not taken the College Algebra CLEP, I did all my math courses from ALEKS and StraighterLine/

I found out you were referring to the College Algebra CLEP by looking at your previous post
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(12-29-2018, 03:05 PM)mysonx3 Wrote: What test are you taking?

I see now from your post in another thread that it's the CLEP that you will be taking. So, to answer your question:

In the top right of the exam window while viewing a question there is an option to "Mark" a question. There is also a "Review" option that lets you see which questions you have marked and which you haven't answered yet. From there you select the question you want to go back to (by clicking on it) and then click "Go To Question" in the top right. This takes you back to that question.

The only thing I found unintuitive about the exam interface is that it took me a minute to figure out that you had to click "Go To Question" to actually go to the question (it seemed like you should've been able to double-click). Other than that, it was very easy to mark questions for review and go back to them.

Not related to the exam interface, but I personally found that the IC flashcards covered the material well. If you can answer those problems you will do well on the CLEP.
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I'm sorry I didn't state that it was the CLEP algebra. I had tunnel vision on taking CLEP tests and forgot this forum dealt with others. Thanks so much for figuring out what I meant! Your description was very helpful. My high school daughter will be taking the test and she was worried about the exam interface. Fortunately I can do College Algebra in my sleep, so I am tutoring her.

The flashcards seem to cover the problems that are straightforward, and in theory if you know the concepts well you can apply them to less straight forward problems. My daughter has a lot of trouble with the less straight forward problems though. The REA tests seem to be heavy on the less straightforward problems. I don't know how accurate the REA tests are at representing the harder problems on the actual CLEP test. I'm hoping the flashcards with the REA will get her there.

It's been a few months since I took the test and I took it right after the College Math CLEP so they're kind of blurred together in my mind, but I seem to remember not very many complicated/multistep problems. I didn't take the REA test so can't speak to how it compared to the actual test.

I used solely InstantCert for practice questions for both College Math and College Algebra, and googled things I didn't know how to do. Did that for about an hour after work five days a week for three weeks then took the College Math and got a 78, then did it for another week and got a 73 on College Algebra. That was after not having taken any math-proper since 8th grade (I took formal logic in lieu of regular math in high school). Moral of the story: it can seem like a scary test but it's not bad at all. Just pile on the practice problems from any source you can.
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The short video was put out by CLEP and answers your questions specifically, as well as showing you how to use their platform and calculators during an exam. The link takes you to the page, but pan down about half way to find the video. Best of luck!!
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Thank you both for you help!
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I took the CLEP Math for fun since it was free. This was around a year ago. It was multiple choice and you are allowed scratch paper. I think I used their calculator to complete it. I don't know about College Algebra though.
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