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any cosc graduates
Are there any COSC graduates here?
Pierpont AAS BOG - Graduated 5/7/21
UMPI BAS minor in management- Graduated 6/1/2021
WGU MSML- Starting 7/1/21
Interesting, no answer yet.
I just transferred to COSC and still waiting for my worksheet. Wondered about this question too.

I do not know I will pursue with COSC unless they do have a masters program.

I am almost done with TESU anyway
I think that there are a few COSC graduates here. But you're probably not going to get an answer unless you ask a specific question.
In progress:
Pierpont - AAS BOG
TESU - BA Computer Science; BSBA CIS; ASNSM Math & CS; ASBA

Sophia (30 courses), The Institutes (old), (5 courses)
ASU: Human Origins, Astronomy, Intro Health & Wellness, Western Civilization, Computer Appls & Info Technology, Intro Programming
I think that most of people who graduates, they just no longer participate so actively in the forum.
BSBA: 70% completed (84 credits of 120)
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I am not a grad but within the last couple of classes and will be done this year, is there a specific question about the school you have?
(12-15-2020, 12:54 PM)adegree4me Wrote: Are there any COSC graduates here?

Yes. Go acorns!
(12-15-2020, 12:54 PM)adegree4me Wrote: Are there any COSC graduates here?

CLEP - American Government (65) 2-25-2015
CLEP - US History II (74) 3-9-2015
CLEP - US History I (63) 3-16-2015
CLEP - A and I Literature (67) 4-6-2015
DSST Substance Abuse (445) 4-13-2015
DSST- HTYH (468) 4-15-2015
DSST - Environement/Humanity (418) 4-15-2015
(12-15-2020, 12:54 PM)adegree4me Wrote: Are there any COSC graduates here?

BA, Liberal Studies - Charter Oak State College, 2018
AAS, Police Administration - Nashville State Community College, 2016
AAS, Board of Governors, West Virginia University at Parkersburg, 2015

Yep. BS, Information Systems studies, 2005. I'm also VP of the Alumni Association Board, and encourage any Charter Oak grads to consider joining the Board.

My eldest is BS, Information Systems studies, 2020, and two of my others are in various stages toward an Associate degree from Charter Oak, so it turns out it's the game the whole family can play. :-)
BS, Information Systems concentration, Charter Oak State College
MA in Educational Technology Leadership, George Washington University
Doctor of Business Administration, Baker College (in progress)
More at
That's awesome! I just noticed this thread, haha, COSC is a pretty good school!
It's nice having kids following in their parents foot steps... Good stuff for the family!
Great for them, it's a great start to at least have a Bachelors from a state/public institution.
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TESU ASNSM Biology, BSBA (ACBSP Accredited in 2017)
Universidad Isabel I: ENEB MBA, Big Data & BI, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce
Business & IT Certs: 6Sigma/Lean/Scrum, ITIL | Cisco, CompTIA, MTA | Coursera & Udacity
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