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any school provides AI or machine learning Bachelor program
I want to learn something instead of just getting a Bachelor degree. I'm not sure it's easy or difficult to pass such program. I checked the big 3 schools but it looks like they don't provide machine learning or AI program.

Anyone knows that I could learn the latest technologies program somewhere like TESU or WGU?


Some universities do have this program, but it's hard to enroll and too expensive.
I don't know anyone who "just gets a bachelors degree" without learning anything.
(05-17-2018, 01:43 PM)MNomadic Wrote: I don't know anyone who "just gets a bachelors degree" without learning anything.

Sorry, what I meant is to carefully learning something instead of just pass the exam.
No offense to anyone.
The closest thing you'll find to that at the undergrad level is a BS in Data Science and, next closest, would be a BA/BS in Computer Science.

Machine learning and AI are, respectively, subsets of those areas.
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or maybe a BS in Mathematics or BS in Applied Math

see if this interests you
If I were you, I would think about taking classes that interest you, and then seeing if there's a place they might fit into a degree plan. Those aren't degrees, but just courses you can take.
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I know it doesn't help now, but the online MSCS at Georgia Tech is both affordable and has Interactive Intelligence and Machine Learning specializations.
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(05-17-2018, 05:27 PM)davewill Wrote: I know it doesn't help now, but the online MSCS at Georgia Tech is both affordable and has Interactive Intelligence and Machine Learning specializations.

Thanks Dave. but I'm not qualified for that program.
I sincerely believe specializations like AI, Machine Learning should be at Graduate level. I believe a Bachelor degree in Comp Sci will provide the foundations, and you specialize at Masters level.
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As per my earlier post in this thread:
I am/was planning on doing a BSBA + BALS NSM (concentration in Comp Sci/Math/Engineering). But the LDAS peaked my interest, I might go for a TESU BS LDAS in AI, Machine Learning Development by taking similar courses mentioned in the thread. I am doing a spreadsheet right now and should be done later today, and will submit it too.
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