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(02-15-2019, 11:56 AM)bethanyneedsajob Wrote: Thanks for the explanations. Makes sense now.

On another note: it says on the above link from ODC that you can pay to get your transcripts on Excelsior letterhead. Does that mean that other colleges (who don’t accept NCCRS) might count the classes as transfers? I was looking at UF Online’s transfer policy and they may take 45 test-out credits (but not ACE or NCCRS, just Clep and AP etc), but it also says they will take 60 college transfer credits. In my head, I’m thinking “sweet, could do 45 credits with Clep and 60 more through Teceps and ODC’s Excelsior agreement”... could I be correct?

Here’s the verbiage on ODC for quick reference:

In addition to our free transcript option, we do recommend that you pay a one-time fee of $40 with our partner Excelsior College so they will produce your transcript on their official letterhead. Through our partnership with them and the NCCRS, this is a great option since many universities you’re applying to may insist the transcript comes from another university.“
That's called credit laundering around here and it doesn't work. Universities can plainly see where the credits came from and won't accept them just because some other university did. Best as I can tell, those credit banking transcripts are only good for employers or governmental agencies (like for CPA) who want to see that certain credits were earned.

You can absolutely believe that if it did work, it would be a HUGE thing around here. People would be laundering cheap credit left and right.
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(01-09-2019, 08:44 AM)mudball Wrote: "How much time does it take to complete an course? What is entailed (essays, quizzes, etc.)? Anything I should be aware of?"

I have taken history, healthcare and astronomy at OD.
It generally takes me about 1.5 to 2 hours per lesson.  So if there are 20 lessons it would take me less than 40 hours to complete. I take notes. There is a quiz after every lesson (5-7 questions each). There have been no essays.

You should be aware that when you take the quizzes they do not tell you what questions you got wrong. It can be hard to tell which ones you got wrong.

Thank you for the straightforward response.  I came to this forum to find estimates such as the one you provided.  Luckily you posted it on the first page and it didn't get buried.

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