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I've been waiting on a final grade for ENG 102 for weeks- no one is responding and it's just saying to wait for the grade.  I've opened tickets and nothing.  Anyone have a phone number or a course of action here?

So do you really need it graded now to graduate or can you just move to the next course or assignment?
It's probably very busy due to the current situation.
It was completed in January with no response.  I need it for a course that started on Monday.  I got a little leeway but ugh...
Make another ticket: ask for it to be graded and approved at ACE.

Your PM's are turned off...
that's a good idea! thanks!
Don't forget to also add it to the ACE transcript already, otherwise there is nothing to approve.

You can also call at 1-877-266-4919 (8am-5pm pst)
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