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A course in Linguistics
Trying to find a course worth 3 credits in Linguistics that's cheap and fast. Credit by exam or self-paced non-traditional methods preferred or that isn't an option, a low-cost college will work. No national accredited schools so either ACE, NCCRS or a regionally accredited school. I don't see any CLEP,, etc. for this subject unless I'm missing something.
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Well OnlineDegree has one, but it might not transfer as linguistics to some schools. It transfers to TESU as EDU-121 Fundamentals of Literacy Instruction Sad
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No alternative credit for this through any of the regular channels for alternative credit.

Rio Salado has a course, they're not the cheapest but they have the option of 8- or 14-week courses, and have rolling starts every Monday.

Check your local CC.
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Thank you for your help. I don't actually need the linguistics course it's for someone else and maybe for me in the future.
Earned: AA, AAS, AGS
143 credits and counting, still no bachelors degree. . .

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