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ACE Credit Transfer no scores
I had ACE Credit transfer some of my Sophia courses over to the University I'm attending. My academic advisor said that the official email I got from ACE had no score on the transcript. Has anyone had any problem with transferring ACE Credit?
ACE transfer didn't include grades, in order to get the grades you need to transfer direct from the provider.

In the other hand Sophia have no option to send transcript but you can do it by using a specific intermediate (i don't remember the name).

I actually have no experience transfering credits because i never do it, but this issue and information was talked several times here in the forum.
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No problems with transferring ACE credit at TESU. Where are you trying to transfer to?
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This is Sophia's Parchment link . Use that to transfer to schools that don't accept the ACE transcript. You can message Sophia support when they're online and confirm.
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Sign up with Parchment directly and then add Sophia as a school. Doing this, you won't be required to provide a SSN to Parchment if you do not want to do so.
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