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Accelerated Science Courses

I have been a long time follower and utilized this forum many times over for myself and others. Both my brother and I have graduated from TESU with accelerated degrees but now I am looking to accomplish prerequisite courses to qualify for a Doctor of Physical Therapy program. I currently have Physics I w/lab, chem I w/lab, and a few other ones. Now I need Chem II, Physics II, Bio I/II, and A&P I/II (all w/ labs).

Luckily, I have the GI bill so cheap isn't a necessity but it obviously comes with other stipulations. Really what I am looking for is accelerated courses that are 8 weeks or less with an accredited university that the GI Bill will accept. I am able to find A&P I/II in 8 week courses but the best I can find for the others is 12 weeks and that is by piece milling courses from multiple colleges. I would like to take all of these courses at a single college if possible. I prefer shorter classes so I can focus on one at a time rather than taking 2-3 courses over a 16 week period (its just how I work and I know it works well this way). 

I know this information is somewhere on the internet. This also is probably not the best place to ask this question but I know the members here are resourceful and have an amazing collective knowledge. So, does a college exist that offers the courses I need online and at an accelerated pace? I've checked TESU, ASU, Excelsior, Charter Oaks, and APU with no luck. Thank you all for any help you can provide!
I think NMJC offers all of those? I am not completely sure but it's worth a look. Otherwise, take a look at this page: I'm not familiar with term length but maybe one of those would work for you. I don't think your GI Bill would accept Portage or I would suggest them because I think that they are self-paced.
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They don't have separate A&Ps, but they have the rest:
They are self-paced so you can finish fast.

Pretty sure Southern California University of Health Sciences has all of them with online/distance labs. They look to be 5 week online classes. The school is RA. The sticker price looks to be $2,000/class. Certainly expensive, but if GI bill would cover, this seems to be in line with what you want:
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B&M: MA (American history)

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An option is to try "a few" of the NM colleges all at once! Take 6 credits at one and another 6 credits at a different one - NMJC, Clovis, Luna.
I haven't checked the schedules or times, but you might want to give Logan University a try as well:
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Doane University Online $329/cr

A nice option here is that Physics can either be taken as algebra-based or calculus-based, depending on which you need.
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University of New England offers self-paced options:

$360/credit plus $30 per class.

The courses are 16 weeks long but self-paced and new ones start every 2 -3 weeks. Even if you sign up for multiple courses, you can do one at a time.

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