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Advice needed- Graduate Program for teaching
Here's what I'm aware of from previous research:

UI Springfield offers a 32 cr MSCS program for ~$12k. The flagship UIUC also offers a similar degree online at 2.5-3x the tuition, which maybe worth considering depending on your long-term goals.
UMass Lowell has a 30 cr MSIT program for ~$17k.
University of Maine has a MSIS program for ~21k.
Minot State University has a MSIS program for ~$10k, but because the school is so tiny, the program is inflexible (no electives) and rather business-oriented.
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BSBA, General Management - Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, NJ, 2012

gstekis Wrote:cptdilbert: thank for your response. I am already an Instructor, so that will not be my goal-the way I see it, ti will be very difficult making a living doing only that. I was referring to the area of Computers/IT/IS as a preferred teaching field, so yes- I meant classes like COMP SCI 101 and so on. I understand the PhD would be the best option, however that would mean one income in my family for 4-5 years, which unfortunately is not an option right now. I am looking at Masters as at most CCs around here, Masters is the requirement for adjuncts and online classes, then in a few years I can keep on dreaming about the PhD.

I made about $80k/year as a workforce development instructor ~3-4 years ago, so it's definitely possible. If I went back into it I think I could get into the six figures, although it is just like building a business which is not for everyone. Honestly, you probably have a higher ceiling or potential with that type of teaching then traditional teaching.

Look at BLS for an example. They have listings for postsecondary teachers, training and development specialists, and training and development managers. The median salaries are $68,970, $55,930, and $95,400 respectively.

Back on the topic, while you won't be making a ton of money, a PhD should not cost you anything. In fact, you should be getting paid while working on your PhD. As an example, one program I looked at around me waives all tuition, guarantees a RA or TA position for up to 6 years, guarantees summer assignments for 5 years, pays for successful journal submittals and acceptances, and even reimburses some expenses and related travel. The stipend for the RA/TA position and summer assignments aren't much, around $24k/year, but considering they are not even half time positions, and school is free you're making around $40-50k/year or more depending on your valuation on the education.

Also generally once you reach the status of PhD Candidate, which happens around the end of the 2 year mark, schools will consider you for an adjunct position assuming there isn't a conflict or goes against the school's policy.
Educational Goal: MBA by Spring 2018
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7/20/2015 UExcel (6c): Human Resource Management: A | Labor Relations: A
7/06/2015 CLEP (6c): American Government: 63 | Principles of Microeconomics: 73
7/02/2015 UExcel (3c): Organization Behavior: A
6/19/2015 DSST (9c): Business Ethics and Society: 453 | Environment and Humanity: 444 | Substance Abuse: 427
6/15/2015 CLEP (12c): Information Systems: 77 | Introductory Business Law: 71 | Principles of Marketing: 71 | Principles of Management: 73
6/12/2015 Transfer Credits post Academic Forgiveness (44c): Community College: 36c | AP: 8c
cptdilbert: These are very good points. Thank you!
Georgia Tech(Top 10 CS dept. in US) has Online Masters in Computer Science and it's only $7000. You can take up to 6 years to finish:

OMSCS - Georgia Institute of Technology

It's a very tough program and I don't know if BS Information Systems covers all the coursework you need:

Quote:Students entering the program must demonstrate a core competency in computing equivalent to undergraduate-level courses in the following areas: systems, design and analysis of algorithms, formal languages and automata theory, databases, networking and communications, computer architecture, and human-computer interaction.

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