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Affordable Degree Programs...
Here is a website that list schools and programs around the world including the United States.  But if you are willing to live abroad for the duration of your studies then you will find some great programs.  You can sort by cost, country and so on.  The cheapest education I have seen are from countries like Germany and Norway which were free.  The site is called  You simple setup an account and go into the portal for the degree that you are seeking (bachelors - masters).  I hope this does help someone considering the current crisis.  I do know of some people who traveled abroad for their Master's via this website and they did one year in the school.  And the second year she was placed with a local company within that country that paid her a salary with benefits.  She ultimately married in that country and still live outside the US.  Some countries offer cheaper education to foreigners with the hope that you will stay after schooling to add to their economy.  There are also scholarships and stipends offered.  Again, hope that this helps someone.
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Bear in mind that the free ones in Germany aren't actually free-free. There are often fees for American students that do not exist for students from the EU. (EU pays for school with taxes, Americans have paid no EU taxes.) Much like US college resident/non-resident rates.

There is a lot of paperwork associated with going to a German university. You need a student visa and, unless you live in LA or DC, you're going to incur travel expenses going to the right embassy or consulate to get that visa. You need to have about $12k ready to plunk down ahead of time for each year that you'll be there to prove that you can support yourself while in Germany. Accommodations in and around the cities that have these universities tend to be expensive and/or scarce. For much of Germany, it's not unusual to spend 6 months trying to find an apartment. It's slightly easier for some students, but not by much.

Also, that $12k is probably not enough to live on but (depending on your visa) you're probably not allowed to work while in Germany unless you're an EU citizen.

I don't know about Norway, but I believe the situation is similar. I'm not saying this to discourage everyone from studying abroad, but it's not free-free like a lot of people tend to assume it is. As long as you realize that, you'll be a-okay.
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