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Any current WGU MBA students?
Hi All,

I'm starting my WGU MBA in Jan.  I'm looking to get a jump start and wanted to know if someone would screenshot the page containing the objectives and rubrics for some of the writing assigments so I could do some reading and studying prior to my start date.

See Article 1, #14...
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(10-27-2019, 12:51 PM)quigongene Wrote: See Article 1, #14...

Not to mention it isn't smart to waste your time working on assignments that may be different. You may end up with a version of the course materials that differ from the version you get when you start your course, or it may be the same with minor differences in the instructions or rubric and then you'll end up throwing away your work. They change the courses all the time so I always try to warn people from going down this path.

It seems like gaming the system by trying to work ahead will give you an advantage in completing the work more quickly, but you don't need it. I finished all the core MBA courses in 3.5 months without any head start, and I wasn't even working on it full time, though I do have a bachelor's degree in business and 30 years of professional experience, so most of it was not new. The capstone is the only course that really takes a lot of time and I know, for example, that course is changing again next week.
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