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Applied Liberal Arts Mathematics (TECEP MAT-105)
Hey everyone,

Could someone tell me the best way to study for this exam? I do have the textbook, I am planning on working through it, but I am very familiar with the flash-card system and I am wondering if there is an equivalent for this test? At the very least are there any practice tests out there (free or not)? Thanks so much in advance. I look forward to hearing your tips and advice!

I thought the textbook was really bad - terrible. Busy, too much crap, impossible to get through in any logical sequence. Maybe the worst math textbook I've ever seen.

Instead, I had already worked through ALEKS Intermediate Algebra, and about 30% of Khan Academy's Statistics course (free), and I just ended up taking the exam and got 90%. My opinion: if you already know some algebra, you can pass this test.

If you feel shaky on algebra, then I would use Khan Academy to review Algebra Basics (maybe to 90%), Algebra I (maybe to 25%), and some Statistics (maybe to 25%). I would spend the most time on Algebra Basics, as I think that's what the vast majority of questions covered. Then, you are more than prepared to take this exam.

There are no IC flashcards for this, and I would think it would be hard to do, as most problems had to be worked through on paper. BTW - I was only allowed to use 1 piece of paper by ProctorU, so write small!!
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you can create an account an d have free access for 5 days

be sure and scroll down to see all 9 chapters
Review if necessary:
algebra without factoring, set notation/ Venn diagrams, arithmetic, very basic probability

The real test was somewhat harder than the sample test.

The test is in 3 sections of 21 or so questions. You cannot back back to a previous section. You have to submit a section to go to the next.

A scientific calculator will be more helpful than a 4-banger calculator if you know how to use the scientific calculator's advanced features.

Have a few pages of scratch paper available. You will probably need a little of it.

Time will not be an issue. You can finish the test leisurely in one hour.

Overall a pleasant test experience.
TESU BA CS and Math (graduated December 2016)
Hey all,

This is in reply to the tread but goes out to anyone wanting to pass this very challenging exam. I want to preface by saying that I'm not that competent (or confident) in discreet mathematics and I passed (barley). Following are some of my insights that may help you get a decent grade:

Firstly, I've seen some posts that don't recommend the suggested text listed in the official test description: A Survey of Mathematics with Applications (10th Edition). Although I will agree that it's dense and written for students of mathematics who may have had a lot of previous instruction namely in algebra, geometry, and statistics; you're going to want to have a copy. I rented mine from Amazon for $50 for 3 months and it was worth it. Here's why: the questions on the exam are taken directly from the examples in the text. Period. I distinctly remember 3-5 questions that were lifted from the textbook verbatim. Yeah, there are better examples of the concepts discussed in a lot of other places online, and I had to go seek other instruction because the authors don't do that good of a job unpacking these concepts in plain language, but you're doing yourself a disservice by not at least reviewing the end-of-chapter reviews. With the answer key (only odd numbered problems) and some perseverance, I was able to get my fog brain around some pretty heady subjects like permutations, truth tables, probability, and compound interest. I'm an older (fart) learner and this stuff doesn't get easier with age (ahem)! P.S. Bone up on your scientific notation! No mention in the test description; at least 5 questions in the exam!

Second point: Great resource if you want a refresher on college algebra and don't want to go on a YouTube hunt for every subject covered in the test description. They do have a course "custom tailored" for this TECEP, but honestly, it wasn't that much help. I think it's outdated and there were a couple of typos and omissions that made the answers more confusing. I did submit tickets to address these and got the typical automated "thank you, we'll look into this matter" response, but the mistakes are still there. I coughed up the $60/mos for a premium membership and I can't say it was all that well spent. To be fair, the videos are well done for the most part, although many could use some updating and clearer examples, but it's hard to expound on all the nuances of linear inequalities in under 8 minutes. I wanted the flashcards and end-of-chapter exams to really have a good mental workout because I have severe test anxiety at exam time, so these exercises put me in the "Rocky's Gym" kind of mentality so when the ProctorU screen flashed up, I wasn't in full on stress-mode. That said, there's little in this "test prep" course that's actually on the test. It's more like a "concept-prep" where you'll get the general philosophy behind subjects like probability and inductive vs deductive reasoning. But, you're going to want to augment this with the recommended text as mentioned above.

Thirdly, this is more to those who're having doubts about passing this course. It's perfectly normal, especially for us LibA majors who deal with abstraction and creative ideas as opposed to empirical analysis. It's not the end of the world because according to one advisor at Thomas Edison, if you don't pass, you don't have to take this course over. You can actually take a For Credit course from another online source and submit to TE for approval. In my case, I could've signed up for the $200/mos membership, taken a Math 101 and submitted my college credit once I passed their exam where you get 3 tries btw! TE won't except anything under Math 101, mind you, so be careful before you plomp your money down. Of course, check with your advisor before taking my word on this; I found in my college career that no two advisors will ever give you the exact same advise, so shop wisely!

I hope this helps and good luck!

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