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Are there two right answers for this problem?
Peterson's Practice Tests for CLEP Biology Test 3 - Section 1:
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This is a problem from the Peterson's Online CLEP biology test. It seems to me that both "c" and "e" are correct since viruses do contain RNA and there own proteins and enzymes. Is this just an error on Peterson's behalf, or am I missing something here? I am taking the bio exam tomorrow, and am just trying to make sure I have all my bases covered. I have scored 77, 66,and 67 on the three Peterson's tests. Am I ready?

All of the following are differences between viruses and prokaryotic cells EXCEPT

a. prokaryotic cells can move and reproduce on their own.

b. organelles are not present in viruses.

c. viruses do not contain their own proteins or enzymes.

d. prokaryotic cells have surface proteins for docking to other cells and molecules.

e. RNA is not present in viruses.

The correct answer is C. Viruses can contain either DNA or RNA as genetic material, and some even have their own enzymes such as reverse transcriptase found in HIV. While viruses cannot reproduce or move on their own and do not have organelles, they do have surface proteins used for virus-to-cell recognition.
I beleive that you are correct in your observation. A virus can either contain DNA or RNA but not both.
according to RNA virus An RNA virus is a virus that has RNA (ribonucleic acid) as its genetic material.[1] This nucleic acid is usually single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) but may be double-stranded RNA (dsRNA).
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you're understanding is very good, I think you'll knock this one out of the park! Good luck today!

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