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Business vs IT
Hi everyone [Image: clear.png] Smile
I ve been thinking about this question for months, reading and researching. I still cant come to the final decision. 
 Does one go for degree in Business with pursuing CPA, CMA , CFA certifications in the future ? Or is it more beneficial to obtain degree in IT and follow IT certifications with pursuing Master's in the future?
 I am in the middle of my life and I can fully invest in pursing only one path. 
Which path does have more opportunities and benefits ? I know there are plenty of intelligent and  experienced members here. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated
Yeah, you're in similar situation to me. Keep in mind that there aren't always that many IT jobs in some areas. It is probably going to be easier to find an accounting job in a rural area.

Depending on your state, you may not need a degree in accounting to sit for the CPA exam. This means you could get the IT degree, and just fulfill the accounting requirements later. These requirements vary a lot by state.

If you go to TESU, you can always get a certificate in accounting or computer science, etc, to complement your degree. A certificate is usually six courses and doesn't take that much more time.

Consider the BSBA in Computer Information Systems at TESU. That will get you two accounting courses and you may be able to study for the additional ones if you decide to do your CPA.

But in the end, only you can make the decision about the degree you choose. It should match your skills and interests if you plan on doing the job long term. I think the biggest mistake people make is not getting started and not finishing something.

Oh, the BS in Technical Studies at TESU might also give you some wiggle room.
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You choose the path that mosts interests you, with the thought that you're probably going to do better because of that.

You could tell my IT-industry husband that there are more accounting jobs, he will not care, he's not leaving IT. You could tell me that IT is the better way to go and I wouldn't care, because I have zero interest in IT.

Only you know which interests you more. But, if you really don't know, you should sign up for a class that will help you find your interests, or take classes in both to see which you like better.
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I don't think you can go too wrong with either one. They both have good paying jobs available and both are reasonably recession resistant. In your shoes, I would try hard to discover what you will enjoy doing the most as that's the most important criteria for choosing. You could hedge a little by doing a BSBA in Accounting and CIS, but if you want to go into IT, the BSBA isn't the best path.
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Without knowing your preferences, I would do IT, as it's easier to get into as a career switcher. CPA/CFA/MBA is a potent combination , and it's the path I've taken, but it's a tough slog, and very time-consuming.
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IT can be pretty tough to get into without any experience though.

And if you aren't already pretty competent at the technical level and actively interested, diving in  because of a good job market might leave you miserable if you realize it isn't for you.

Like has been suggested, unless you already know you really like both fields, take a couple courses in both and see what feels right before committing.
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(01-08-2020, 12:51 AM)jsd Wrote: IT can be pretty tough to get into without any experience though.

And if you aren't already pretty competent at the technical level and actively interested, diving in  because of a good job market might leave you miserable if you realize it isn't for you.

Like has been suggested, unless you already know you really like both fields, take a couple courses in both and see what feels right before committing.

I agree with this.

Also keep in mind that IT is less about a degree and more about skills, experience, and certifications.

If you already have an interest in IT and plan to look for a career in that field regardless of your degree, then getting an IT degree to go with it isn't a bad idea. But if you want to be successful in IT you need to focus on building your skills. The degree can always come later––or be worked on simultaneously. That said, a degree may be helpful to open doors in some IT fields like Cybersecurity or Data Science, though you'll still need the skills to back it up. The nice thing about the WGU IT degrees is that you earn certifications along with the degree, which can be even more helpful than the degree.

Of course, you can always do what I did and build a career in IT by growing your skills on the job, and then get a business degree to supplement it to show your versatility.
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You could try drawing a Venn Diagram for yourself to determine what your career choice should be.
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If you can, I'd go for both. Or at least the BSBA + a Computer Science degree. There's so much demand for IT professionals with both project management skills and accounting skills to work in areas such as corporate systems development.
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Another option similar to what Leedeedee mentioned would be a double AOS BSBA from TESU, like eriehiker you can go for the BSBA Accounting & CIS.  This way you can get your foot into Accounting and IT at the same time for the same price as one degree.  Heck, you can follow his lead with all the other Certs/Associates he added practically for FREE.  The only costs would be the courses from alternative methods - decide if you have that extra energy/money/time.  

If you're starting off, do the FREE courses on the Wiki first.  Then get the ALEKS/CSM Learn courses done, if you're in the USA, then do the entire for 44 credits, each course is only $9 for Proctoring.  If you need some extra cheap courses you can take them at for $25 (or $13 if it's using the new proctoring system).  Last but not least, get your AOS UL courses completed at!

Actually, forget and WGU, as I think you're from outside the USA when I reviewed your threads from the sister board... would be cheap enough, if you need more lower level, you can get them from StraighterLine/ or other providers.
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