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CLEP Score vs. percentage score
I understand CLEP tests are scored between 20 and 80. Does anyone know how that correlates to scores out of 100? Is there a chart somewhere? Any information regarding CLEP (or DSST) scores' relationship to your score out of 100 would be greatly appreciated. I'm assuming that you can get about 35 out of 100 questions wrong to score a 50 on a CLEP, but it would be helpful to have more info before taking my CLEPs on Monday. Thanks!
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It depends on the test you are taking. One way to find out is if you want to take a practice test at


It will give you a good idea of what you will score. It shows the percentages after you complete the test.

Hope this helps.
Such correlational information is not available. There are a lot of previous discussions on this very topic if you do a search. Smile

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