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COSC BSBA to WGU MBA IT Management
Does anyone here have experience or insight into gaining entrance to a WGU master's program with a Charter Oak business degree? 

Some back story on me: after I graduated high school, I planned on getting a degree in computer/electrical engineering. I took some classes from a community college, planning to transfer them, but quickly realized I'm not cut out for traditional college life. I'm currently a retail manager, and was told i needed a bachelor's degree to advance, so I mapped out a BSBA from Charter Oak. At the time it seemed to be the best and most efficient choice for me. Recently, though, I've been reading through this forum and have realized that a career working with computers like I originally wanted is not out of reach for me. So now I'm torn. i could continue with my BSBA (I've completed a few Saylor courses, and have some community college gen eds), and then go on to get an IT master's degree from WGU. I'm not sure how well the application for that would go, though, so the other option I'm considering is doing both my bachelor's and master's from WGU. My issue with that is I don't have much free time to devote to my degree and am planning on at least 12-18 months for my bachelor's, so COSC would definitely be more cost-effective.
You should not have any issue getting into the WGU MBA-IT problem with your BSBA (from COSC, or any of the Big 3) - here are the requirements; - the experience they are looking for is professional, you have that with your retail management.

Thomas Edison State University (TESU) 
- BSBA General Management, December 2018
- ASNSM in Computer Science, December 2018

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