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COSC GSISS Plan Cheapest/Quickest
Hello! Checking to see if anyone had any suggestions on what I could add/remove from my list in order to fulfill the requirements for Charter Oak's Bachelor's in General Studies/ISS without the unnecessary bulk. (I was unable to figure out which Logic course would be the best fit, though.)

Initially was going with TESU but after diving through the forums for awhile, it seems that COSC would be the cheapest route.

I am starting from scratch and wanting to use all possible free/low-cost alternative credit routes prior to enrolling. Local library is an approved proctor so Saylor is free. I prefer IT/CS/CyberSecurity related degree... willing to go with Business Administration if it will be more cost efficient and quicker. Just figured since I already had to use and was going to be paying the $200, might as well cram in as many courses as possible and go with my first choice.

Thank you!

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You do know that with college accelerator only 2 exams are included an you can only buy 3 more at $70 each month?

Don't forget to ask for a discount and referral code on this forum.
What do you want?

If you want a degree in IT/CS/cybersecurity then maybe you shouldn't go for a general studies degree. It would actually be cheaper for a WGU computer degree than it would be for a COSC general studies degree. Also once you you get your first bachelors you arent really eligible for much aid for a second.

What is the purpose of the degree and what do you need it to be in?

If you want or need a computer related degree going for a general studies degree seems counterproductive.
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