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California teaching credential w/ a test-out degree
Has anyone gone on to earn a California teaching credential after the testing out of a degree / ACE credit method?  There is a GPA requirement to get into a teaching credential program.  I have a co-worker who is going to finish his AA at a CC and then work towards his BA (and later work as an intern teacher while earning his teaching credential.  Is a test-out/ACE/other alt. source BA degree acceptable for getting into a CA teaching credential program since he will have graded credits for all of his AA?  Does anyone here know?
Why don't you do a little research and find out exactly how many graded credits you need. I know that if you went through one of the Big 3, you'd have at least 3cr of graded work (the capstone), but I don't now what's required. You'll probably have to search that our yourself.

Then work backwards from there, making sure you have the correct number of graded credits. And if you're in CA, you could take all of those credits from a CC, or else one like NMJC, but it will be cheaper through a CA CC since it's $46/cr here for residents.
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I would expect that to work just fine, but I agree with dfrecore, check with the program they want to enter. Advising for programs after the bachelor's level are a different kettle of fish. They should be pretty responsive and knowledgeable.
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I got my teaching credential no problem using my TESU degree. I tested out of everything except the capstone which I got an A in, so my GPA was 4.0.

When the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing agency asked for my transcripts, I just sent my TESU transcript, no questions after that. Should be fine.

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