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Can I send CLEP/DSST scores for 2 Bachelor Degrees?
Hello! My situation currently is that I'm enrolled into Berklee College of Music's Online Degree program (Bachelor of Professional Studies), but at the same time I'm trying to do credit by exams to qualify for credits with Charter Oak State College to go the route of getting a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration AND use some test credits for my Berklee general education requirements too. I'm NOT currently enrolled and haven't applied to COSC yet, I'm still at the beginning phases of studying for the exams (CLEP/DSST).

Confusion is starting because I don't know if what I'm planning to do is going to hit any policies in which I won't be able to get my test scores accepted at both colleges.

I'm still unsure whether if I am going to complete the Berklee Bachelor program because it may not be worth it financially speaking with the tuition expense for getting jobs. However, my biggest question and concern is whether if COSC will choose not accept my CLEP/DSST scores because I would've sent my scores to Berklee as well.

All I could find so far is the concurrent degree policy on COSC's website:
'Bachelor's Degree
An undergraduate student cannot concurrently earn a degree using substantially the same courses at two different institutions. If a student is earning a bachelor's degree at another institution, the student must notify Charter Oak State College's Admissions Office upon applying to Charter Oak State College and submit a request in writing to the Director of Admissions for permission to earn concurrent degrees. This request must include the field of study of the degree being sought at each institution and the courses to be included. For the Director of Admissions to determine if the fields of study are substantially different, the student will need to demonstrate that he or she will be taking at least 30 credits that are not in the other degree program. The 30 credits that are different must be in the concentration and a minimum of 15-18 must be upper division.

Once accepted at Charter Oak State College, if a student wants to earn a concurrent degree at another institution, the student must notify the Provost. This notification must include the field of study of the degree at the other institution and the courses being taken toward the degree. The student will need to earn at least 30 credits that are not in the other degree program (as above).

The Provost will either grant or deny permission to earn concurrent degrees. If the student does not have permission from the Provost to earn concurrent degrees and the student does earn a second degree concurrently, then the student may be denied a degree from Charter Oak State College.'

So my question is, especially regarding the underlined:
Does this mean that as long as I have 30 extra transfer credits (for the Business Administration concentration and with 15-18 upper level) that I am not using for my Berklee degree, I can apply the rest of my CLEP/DSST test scores to both schools?
(This would also mean that 15 credits in the concentration CAN overlap with both schools, right? since the major is 45 credits?)

If there is anything I missed or a specific order I should go about with my credit transfers, any suggestions are welcome!

Another question is:
Would you recommend I hold off on sending my free score reports from CLEP/DSST to Berklee at the time of testing so I can send the credits correctly to 2 schools when I'm ready? Or it doesn't matter?

Thanks for reading!

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I have a few questions for you. How far along are you with the Berklee degree? Why have you decided on COSC instead of Excelsior/TESU or WGU?
I checked Berklee out: Which program are you taking? There are a few that lists "Music"

1) That's correct, you can transfer 30 credits in another concentration or major that is different than what you are currently studying at Berklee. You can apply your CLEP/DSST and other courses towards both schools, they'll need ALL transcripts from every source you have taken credits from.

2) It doesn't matter, send the scores to both schools, if you send it later it'll cost you $20/subsequent transcript. It's best to send it to Berklee first, for COSC, wait until you have all your CLEP/DSST and other sources completed. I usually tell people for COSC/Excelsior to apply/enroll at the very end of their degree as there are yearly enrollment fees - for TESU, there are residency fees.
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As far as you've gone it sounds good, but you need to worry about Berklee's policies, too. The main thing is to get the required permission before enrolling at COSC. This is not a case where you want to do it first, then ask forgiveness later. Just having sent the scores to another school should have no bearing, only if they are used to earn a degree.
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Music and business are probably different enough for them to allow it. Yes you would need at least 30 extra credits the cosc bsba. When you take a CLEP, they will automatically send your scores to one instition of your choosing for no extra charge. So I would just have them send it to Berklee. Then, once you're all done with your CLEPs, you would pay them $20 to send all your CLEPs to COSC. Not sure about the process for DSST.
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