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Capella Doctoral Programs?
Anyone have any experience with the Capella doctoral offerings? 

Did any employer have anything negative to say about it?
How long did it actually take? 
Any feedback about the structure of the program? 
Anything else worth mentioning?
Short answer: Stay far away.

Long answer: For most people Capella is a lot more expensive than a lot of other online options. Capella is also known for stalling students during the dissertation phase, and they charge a lot for this. It's not uncommon for people to spend over $100k for their degree.
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(05-17-2019, 12:53 PM)sanantone Wrote: Capella is also known for stalling students during the dissertation phase, and they charge a lot for this. It's not uncommon for people to spend over $100k for their degree.

I think they're being sued for this.  Class-action, which means a LOT of people have had this problem.

No thank you!
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Journey Thread:

I would strongly discourage completing a doctoral program online through any for-profit; I say this as someone who completed both a competency-based M.S. through Walden and a B.S. through one of those "Top Universities" through U.S. News [read: failing news mag]. They have every incentive to stall you, and if your goal is to be in academia, the quality of scholarly output at that level will still likely be viewed with some distrust by many brick-and-mortar institutions. Faculty at online-only programs seem to have not as much of an issue, though.

If you just want more education or a title, and money is not an object, no reason not to pursue it. I'd advise against for most people, though.

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