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Commercial Pilot's License
I'm wanting to get my commercial pilot's license sometime in the future. I tried going the military route but I didn't fulfill one of their requirements. I looked at things like ATP flight school and it's around 80k to go through the program. Obviously I get it's going to cost me something but how can I get there as affordable as possible? Any advice from people who have gone through it before or just ideas in general?

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Have you checked out community colleges? There's a few in New York that have aviation degrees with flying time.

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I helped my son do this a few years ago, here is what worked for us, 

You don't have to go to an "Aviation School" although some big corps life FedEx were offering hefty scholarships a couple of years ago in exchange for working for them. I know prior to Covid there was a huge pilot shortage so you might want to check into that.
Another option (what we did)is to start from the bottom and work your way up. Flying is all about getting the hours and moving up the ladder. Start with a Sport or Private Pilot License. Then Get your instructor cert. You can then get your hours working at a flight school instead of paying for them. Join All the clubs in your area. Many super helpful people and experienced pilots. If you are friendly and open I think you will find they will go out of their way to help you, some have their own planes and may go up with you to save on costs. Be willing to wash planes, clean out hangars, and especially do some of the things the older folks have trouble with. You will be able to write a book with all the stories you will hear.  Keep studying and building your hours so you can work up to commercial. 

You may even want to look into buying a share of a plane. I live in a rural area and we were able to find multiple options. You will be able to get your hours in and still split the maintenance and upkeep costs (which are significant). Obviously, you would need to be very, very thorough in your due diligence here and use the other pilots your know and meet as resources. 

While you are doing this, use this forum and get your degree. It doesn't have to be in Aviation or Engineering. Many Carriers require a Bachelor's across the board and you will have a harder time getting your foot in the door or moving up without it. Honestly, Engineering is fantastic, but I think any old BS will do to start off. 

It is really early here and I can't think of anything else right now. Please, let me know if I can be any help. I am now helping my daughters get degrees and at 50 and learning to fly myself.

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First thing first, you must check if you can get the Class 1 medical certificate that is not difficult and most people will get it but make sure you can get before you invest.
It does not have to cost 80K
For every licenses you have to give one computer exam and one check ride. 
First license is Private Pilot License
Private Pilot with Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot
Multi-Engine Pilot
and then you can choose to become 
Certified Flight Instructor
Certified Flight Instructor with Instrument
Certified Flight Instructor for Multi-engine
You need to get the instructor ratings because then you can teach others and build up the 1500 hours of flight time to get a job at large airline.
IT is easier and probably cheaper in Florida because you can fly all weather. This is the best time to fly, This is non hurricane season.
you could do one certification at a time with break in between for study and earn money Smile
it is possible to finish withing 9 months the entire program.

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