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Community College Fall 2020
Two CCs near me updated their schedule and announced plans for Fall 2020. It appears this could be the standard for many CCs accross the country.

Their plan is most classes are online. Most that used to be at a time (ex mon/wed 9-10) are still the same time but you just zoom in at that time. Then they also have asynchronous online courses as well. 
The only classes that are in person are science labs and vo tech courses. Think welding, culinary, dental assisting, video production, electronics, nursing, etc. Also some acting and art courses are in person too. However many of these will be blended if possible. Honestly the list of courses that will be in person is more than I thought. 
However, that leaves all math, science lectures, English, history, social science, language, business, most communications, most computer courses, education (non practicum), humanities, and more to be online. And I feel like these courses make up a larger part of CC enrollment then the vo tech courses.
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Yeah, in CA the only in person courses are ones that require equipment found on campus.
My son is enjoying the fact that so many courses are available online.
He won't be missing the busy freeways to travel to and from school.
Hopefully they will continue to offer more courses online after Coronavirus is over.
Online courses definitely allow a more flexible schedule.


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