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Conflicting info from TESU for dual degrees??
(02-09-2024, 11:33 AM)bleu Wrote: My evaluation finally came in and both CIS313/Location Analy in Business & CIS309/Business Process Mgmt came in as CIS-399. Both counted towards CIS AOS.

Thanks for sharing! Which one did you have an easier time with? Looking at the curriculum for CIS313 and there were no exams?
Take either one as your last resort, get your other classes completed first...
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(02-22-2024, 12:14 PM)bjcheung77 Wrote: Take either one as your last resort, get your other classes completed first...

I have just the corner/capstone and two CIS UL left. I need 9 more RA credits (6 coming from corner/cap) so figured doing CIS309 or CIS313 would solve one CIS UL and get me to the required RA. Would love to show my TESU program eval but still waiting on TESU to update it.

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