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Credit-by-exam For Music Degree
Hey everyone. I've been doing some research on this topic, but I'm having a difficult time finding the info for which I'm looking. I'd like to be able to complete a Bachelor's degree in music exclusively using credit-by-exam tests such as CLEP. My question is, do a sufficient number and variety of music related exams exist to acquire enough credit for a Bachelor's degree? I'm assuming I will be getting the degree from TESU or somewhere else that allows 120 credits to be transferred.

Thanks a lot for all your help!
I wrote this a few months ago about British music diplomas (which can be completed in the US). Do you have any music credits already? Or musical experience?
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I have no music credits, but I have studied music theory and music production quite a bit. I've taken a few free online courses, which frankly didn't teach me anything I didn't already know.
If you're interested in music theory, the LCM diplomas might be the best choice. ABRSM doesn't offer it on diploma level and Trinity is phasing it out over the next couple of years.
BA, MA, EdS, MMT, etc.
83 hours of ACE-worthy credits
There is virtually nothing available for music that is able to be tested out of. UExcel has Intro to Music and there's a Music History II TECEP. There are 3 courses on my list, none of which is very cheap:

U of Idaho IS $510/course
Survey of Music
History of Rock & Roll

LSU DL $728/course
Music Appreciation

BYU IS $178/credit
Intro to Music
Beginning Piano Techniques 1
Civilization: Music 1
Civilization: Music 2
Intro to Jazz

None are UL, and I don't know what any of them come in as for course equivalencies.

If you play the organ, then there are 6 UL courses through BYU!

But this is just not a degree that can be tested out of through any of the Big 3.
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The forum member FallingWaters did a music BA a few years ago with portfolios. Maybe some courses transferred in. One thread is here. You can click on her username and review her history for what she did for her major.
I just posted here on my experience earning a BA in music from TESU:

I don't think it's possible to do a BA in Music exclusively through credit-by-exam, because there aren't CBE tests available for all of the required courses (at least that I could find, after extensive searching). You can come pretty close, though.

You can see how I did mine in the link above. I could have also done 6 credits of music theory via the music theory AP exam, but I decided to take some local courses instead. There is a Music History II TECEP available but I woudn't recommend it (I explain why in the other post). There aren't currently any exams you can take to meet the degree requirements for Music History I or the 5 upper level music courses; however, depending on your musical background, you might be able to do PLAs in those. I covered 4 of the 5 UL courses through PLAs and did one music history course and one UL music course at a local college. Of course, you'd also have to do the required capstone at TESU.
Is it still possible to do the music degree through TESU online?  It looks like its only an on-campus thing now.
(03-29-2021, 11:43 AM)elledee2020 Wrote: Is it still possible to do the music degree through TESU online?  It looks like its only an on-campus thing now.

If you can find local music classes to transfer to TESU, you could do it "online". Biology is considered an on-campus degree at TESU but some people here have completed it or gotten close to completing it through courses transferred in from elsewhere. You can't test out of it but you may be able to get it anyway.
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(03-29-2021, 11:43 AM)elledee2020 Wrote: Is it still possible to do the music degree through TESU online?  It looks like its only an on-campus thing now.

Try Berklee Online:

They have the best online music degrees but they're not very cheap. You'll have to try to transfer as many credits as possible.

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