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The DegreeForum Wiki - Credit by Exam info, Degree Plans, and more!
Check out the DegreeForum Wiki!

Helpful guides for newbies, options for alternative credit, degree plans, common terms we use around here, and more!

Anyone can edit the wiki, sharing their knowledge and keeping our info up to date. Feel free to contribute! We have amassed years worth of knowledge here, and we can continue to keep it going.

(Note: This thread was made as a replacement thread to point new users in the right direction, as the former thread pointed to an old wiki link that has been disabled. Many thanks to dcan who created the original wiki!)
In Progress: MS Cybersecurity, Georgia Tech (12/32cr), 2021?
BS IT Security, Western Governors University, 2018
BA Psychology, Thomas Edison State University, 2016
AA Sociology, Chaffey College, 2015

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