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DSST Ethics in Technology
(12-12-2019, 04:13 PM)Elitis Wrote: Not Roy but I took the exam a few months ago and passed without studying for it. However, that is not to say its a easy exam. I've been involved in IT for a few years now, and some questions still stumped me. There are definitely some common sense questions, but if you're looking at taking this one do some studying up on cyber security terminology, common laws and policies, and maybe business ethics and you should be fine.

thank you!
When I first asked last year, we were at the very beginning of my son's degree, but since then he has been taking classes in IT and is doing well. He just finished his semester yesterday and doesn't go back until Jan 7th, so we have this nice big window of downtime! He has the DSST facts sheet, and of course we have the feedback in the thread, but I really appreciate your input. I think his deficiency right now is the ethics component, so I'll see if we can get him up to speed on that - I don't think he's ever taken ethics, maybe with SL years ago, but for sure he wouldn't remember if I don't lol. Thanks again!
Does anyone have any study resources for this exam???
Thanks in advance

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