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DSST Exams - info, and expiring 1/31/20
hurray! looks like they got extended to 10/31/2020 on all of them that were set to expire 1/31 from original post.
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(02-03-2020, 01:14 PM)darthweezy Wrote: Does the Substance Abuse downgrade only apply to the DSST?  I am enrolled to take it at Coopersmith as a UL.

Im curious on this Darth, CooperSmith is on NCCRS -
According to here it counts as upper but i want to know may have to call TESU
Do the Big3 even rely on the ACE recommendations for DSST exams?
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(02-03-2020, 05:52 PM)davewill Wrote: Do the Big3 even rely on the ACE recommendations for DSST exams?

TESU does now, not sure if this was always the case.

And, you'll probably be surprised to know, TESU uses ACE recommendations for AP exams as well.  So "English: Language & Composition" for instance, was ACE-recommended for 6cr if you scored a 3 or higher, until 12/31/17.  It's still offered (most popular exam BY FAR), but no longer ACE-recommended.  So TESU won't give you credit if you took it in 2018 or later.  There are plenty that are still ACE-recommended, so not sure why the English ones aren't, but there you have it.  Kind of crazy when you compare to almost every other college in the country, who will take these courses on their own merit and NOT because of ACE.
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I quick took the Ethics in America and Introduction to World Religions DSST exams to get credit. Maybe I can still take a couple of others that were expiring if I need them now.
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TECEPs: PSY-270 2/3/20 92%
             SOC-210 2/10/20
             PSY-350 2/17/20


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