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DSST for 8th grader
So, I WON a FREE DSST exam voucher!  As such, I was going to have my 8th grader take a test.  She has not taken any CLEP or DSST.  What would you recommend for her as an easier one?  Also, what resources do you recommend for studying?  We homeschool.  Smile
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What does she enjoy and what subjects is she good at? Easy all depends on the person.
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If your exam voucher is valid for 6 months or so, she can study for anything. My advice is to bump it up alongside something you're going to use for curriculum this year. Here are a few of my recommendations, but your daughter's strengths and weaknesses obviously are the most important thing. Also, SOME (not all) DSST exams have practice tests, I would choose one that does. For future tests, it may be unnecessary, but overpreparing for the first one isn't a bad plan.

These 4 have practice tests at the DSST site and are better choices (in my opinion) than the others on the exam list that can be "adult" in nature or are considerably more advanced than she probably is:

Personal Finance, 3 credits
(many homeschool families use Dave Ramsey's course as a foundation for this one)

Introduction to World Religions, 3 credits
(if your family is Christian, I suggest Cheri Frame's Credits Before College course - it's for homeschoolers and lines up exactly for this exam)

Math for Liberal Arts, 3 credits
(if she's already finished pre-algebra, this might be doable- better after Algebra 1)

Environmental Science, 3 credits
(ditto World Religions- it's #2 of her 3 courses written for Christian homeschoolers and lines up with this exam)
Awesome, thanks! We are Christian, so the guides you mention may be the answer! Thanks!!
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She PASSED—took DSST Intro to World Religions last week. Score 404 (passing 400). ;-)
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(12-15-2019, 01:47 PM)BigDaddy1 Wrote: She PASSED—took DSST Intro to World Religions last week. Score 404 (passing 400). ;-)

YEAH!!!! Ok, so tell me everything! Did you use Cheri's Credits Before College guide or some other curriculum? Also, how did she like testing for college credit?
(12-15-2019, 01:47 PM)BigDaddy1 Wrote: She PASSED—took DSST Intro to World Religions last week. Score 404 (passing 400). ;-)

Awesome, Congrats to her!! Yes, do tell the details of what she thought of the exam and what prepared her.
That's great news! For 8th graders and high school students for that matter, I highly recommend doing all the FREE courses available on the Wiki, just to get them familiar with online learning, and also the inexpensive courses & exams.

Lastly, there are extra materials/subjects they can take on during down time or free time - for college credits free! I would just let them take whatever courses that interest them on their own time, they can also check out the free tutorials on Khan Academy and take some non credit Udemy courses for subjects that interest them.
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